Your Pain May Not be all in Your Head

In a world where the common response to pain is “Have you taken anything for it?” we are exploring for something better. The countless listed side effects of today’s pharmaceutical drugs have us wondering if all those unpleasant chemical reactions are the only answer. The search for alternatives to pain relieving medicines or prescription drugs to manage pain may lead to the consideration of a Portland Chiropractic. This health care provider takes a holistic approach to reducing pain and improving functionality of their patients. Holistic in that they focus on the body as whole rather than individual parts. The spine and its alignment or lack of can affect every part of the body. Before we get to far down this road, consider a pain in your thumb. Maybe you slept wrong or it could be the beginning of arthritis. So you apply pressure to your forearm, just below your elbow. Massage strong pressure to that spot a few minutes and you begin to feel relief in that thumb. This is basically how chiropractic medicine works.

Picture of a healing chiropractorThe spine works as the channel that carries the nerve messaging system between the body and the brain. A misaligned area may cause local pain or even send indications to other areas of a problem. Therefore taking a pain medicine for where you think you are hurting may not be in reality doing anything to stop future pain.
People see chiropractors for many different issues:
• Back injuries
• Problems with posture
• Lower back pain
• Female pain
• Migraines
• Sciatica (pain shooting down the leg)
• Headaches
• Joint and shoulder or other repetitive strains
• Sinus pain
• Arthritis
• Sports injuries
• Car Accidents
Chiropractors are not without their tools of the trade. Applying pressure and movement to realign and adjust their clients can be done in many ways. Take for example what looks like to many a massage table.The patient will lie on this special table with sections that drop down. The chiropractor will apply a quick thrust at the same time the section drops. Table Adjustments allow for a lighter adjustment without the somewhat contorting positions of other techniques. The Toggle Drop is when the Chiropractor crosses their hands to press down firmly on an area of the spine and then with a quick and precise thrust they adjust the spine. The Chiropractor will position the client on their side to apply a quick and precise manipulative thrust known as the Lumbar Roll to return the misaligned vertebra to its proper position. Using their fingertips to apply pressure to separate the vertebrae is known as Release Work. There is also Instrument Adjustments. There is a spring loaded activator instrument that is used to apply small “thumps” to certain areas to release pressure. It can be used along the spine, joints and even sinus area to perform adjustments. This technique has even been used on animals as well with great success. Please contact professionals for your needs
To cover those questions that you may have when considering trying something new;
• Wear comfortable clothing – you won’t need to undress, however you may need to lie down and twist around for positioning.
• Not covered by insurance (in most cases) – however if you have opted for a Health Savings Plan through your payroll, you can use this money for these services.
• Last but not least, the sound you hear of your neck and bones cracking or much louder to you than they actually are.

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